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"5 Myths Sabotaging Your 1st Million: What You Are Doing Wrong and How to Get It Right!"
  •  Why working “hard” really is the kiss of death when it comes to your seven-figure destiny (and of course, what to do instead to get it right!). 
  •  The crucial shift REQUIRED to become a high net-worth business owner, without slavin’, grinding, or hustling.
  •  The #1 secret you MUST understand in your heart of hearts, so you can stop making it, proving it, and overcoming, and start MANIFESTING.
  •  And more!
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At 16 years old, Dr. Venus Opal Reese lived on the mean streets of Baltimore, amidst drugs, prostitutes, pimps, police and violence. 14 years later,she graduated from Stanford University with a second Master’s degree and a PhD.  
Her business, Defy Impossible Inc., has grossed over five million dollars after launching—without loans, investors, or certifications. Her clients have grossed eight million in the past seven years implementing her proven strategies and systems.
This FREE training reveals the five myths that LITERALLY sabotage your shot at breaking your first million in your service-based “expert” or consultant business.
Dr. Venus, known as The Millionaire Mentor™, has an excellent track record for guiding cash-flow focused entrepreneurs who are TIRED of chasing the dollar to the million-dollar mark. 
She usually charges $10k to $100k to work with clients … but this training reveals the exact same methods she teaches to you for FREE!

“By investing in myself through Dr. V’s mentorship I started to heal… Just 4 months, after implementing Dr. Venus’ heart healing genius, my referrals increased & I manifested $1.2 million in revenue!”  

- Yalanda M. 7-Figure Woman of Faith Service-Driven Success Expert 

“Thank you, Dr. Venus, for making our business stronger and 50% more profitable. Dr. Venus helped us separate self-esteem from self-worth and made us recognize and explode the emotional barriers holding us back.”  

- Seraphina Uludong, Cabral Consulting, Oakland, CA  
100% FREE - Next Class Begins Today!

“Since working with Dr. V… I’ve closed a $1.7 million dollar investment deal and finished 3 triathlons.
Since working with Dr. V. as an executive coach and business consultant, I have transformed the outcomes. I am creating and fashioning a life I love.”  

- Tommy Glenn Essentia Financial Dallas, TX 

“Dr. Venus helps you unleash the money-making strategies you didn’t even know you had within you!
If you are playing a big game in life who is your coach? If it ain’t Dr. Venus, your game ain’t big enough.”  

- Harlan Gaston CEO, Seedplay, San Francisco, CA 
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